Thursday, 28 April 2011

A Birthday Giveaway!

I was dreading my birthday today. I don't quite know why contemplating 35 was hitting me harder than 30 did, but life can be strange like that sometimes. Now that it's actually here, I guess it's not so bad, after all!

For my birthday, I want to do another giveaway, this time for one of my "pen rolls". It is a denim rectangle, lined with a colorful print and an elastic strip to hold your scrapbooking markers, a stylus, paper piercer, could also be used for crochet hooks or shorter knitting needles. Once full, you roll it up and secure it with two ribbons. Each of my kids has one that they use for colored pencils. I will try to get a picture online later today.

To enter, simply leave a comment here!


  1. Hi Christine

    Happy Birthday! I hope you are feeling better, I was wondering how you were doing. Take care of yourself!

  2. Nice giveaway, and happy birthday to you. I had the same feelings when I turned 35, having to tick a different age bracket box eeeek. Now I am OK with it LOL

  3. Happy Birthday! Age has never bothered me but I have to admit that 50 gave me a bit of a twinge lol.
    Fiskateer #4437

  4. Happy Birthday. I wish I was still 35.

  5. Oh, oh, oh, oh, Me, me, me, me! LOL! I've asked for a roll up for my birthday or Christmas for two years. I would love to keep my expensive paint brushes in one so I don't mix them up with the ones I use for gluing, etc.

    Happy, happy, Birthday and what a great age you are now!

  6. Happy Birthday,age is only a mind game,stay 29 forever,my Mom pulled it off for 8 yrs.,lol
    When you look back,think no regrets,enjoy your special day.Lisa #5095

  7. Happy Birthday Christine. Enjoy your weekend. :)

  8. Happy Belated Birthday! Thanks for the giveaway!!

    - Emily #7021

  9. I feel like I am ALWAYS late, but I do mean it when I say, hope you had a nice b-day and didn't fret too much over being older. Life goes by too fast to be worrying about things we can't change. You are such a nice talented lady so look at all your good qualities and forget about the age thing! I would be honored and excited to have one of your sewing creations! Plus I have been wanting to make one of these, so I would have yours as a pattern to work off of!
    Kelly #6558