Friday, 29 April 2011

What paper size do you primarily use?

Are there any 8" x 8" scrapbookers out there?? I started scrapping with 8.5" x 11" but had trouble fitting everything onto each layout, so I moved up to 12" x 12" a few years into my hobby.

I have been working on a Disney scrapbook for just over a year now using an 8" x 8" album that was given to me as a 2009 Christmas gift prior to our February 2010 trip...and I thought I had a hard time fitting everything onto 8.5" x 11"?! I love the album but have been struggling with making pleasing layouts given such a small space to work with. I've created a web album of my Disney scrapbook as it currently stands to show you what I've done so far. (

If you have any tips on how to get the most out of an 8" x 8" page, I'm all ears! (Mickey Mouse pun most definitely intended!!)

Thursday, 28 April 2011

A Birthday Giveaway!

I was dreading my birthday today. I don't quite know why contemplating 35 was hitting me harder than 30 did, but life can be strange like that sometimes. Now that it's actually here, I guess it's not so bad, after all!

For my birthday, I want to do another giveaway, this time for one of my "pen rolls". It is a denim rectangle, lined with a colorful print and an elastic strip to hold your scrapbooking markers, a stylus, paper piercer, could also be used for crochet hooks or shorter knitting needles. Once full, you roll it up and secure it with two ribbons. Each of my kids has one that they use for colored pencils. I will try to get a picture online later today.

To enter, simply leave a comment here!

Saturday, 23 April 2011

And The Winner Is...

Sorry for the delay in posting the winner of the scrapcatcher--yesterday ended up being insanely busy between hosting an egg hunt, getting ready for Easter and having to bake cakes for the 3-tiered anniversary/Easter cake I'm making (pictures will follow).

Thank you all so much for your comments and suggestions! Using, the winner is...Victoria's Place! Please send me a message with your mailing information and I will get it out in the mail Monday or Tuesday. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and a great holiday if you're celebrating this weekend!

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

My First Giveaway!

To celebrate my new blog, I'm going to do a random drawing for one of my "Scrap-Catchers". This is a cute non-slip bag that hangs off the edge of your workspace that will hold your scraps and/or garbage. I have one that I use for sewing (the weighted top is great for your pins) and another that I use when I scrapbook. Please leave me a comment and I will draw a name on Friday 4/22. Thanks for visiting!!!

Thursday, 14 April 2011


After much consideration and finally getting the time to see what it took to get started, I've created a blog to display all of my different crafty pursuits. While I tend to be the "Queen of Unfinished Projects" as one of my T-Shirts indicates, I do tend to get some projects done and wanted a place to house them all. Stay tuned for some pictures and perhaps a give-away or two. Heaven knows I have enough unused craft items that I can share with others!